Secret Reiki Techniques Ultimate

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The Secret Reiki Techniques online course is YOUR blueprint for turning your Reiki skills to the next level.

Inside the course you will learn:

How to increase strength

Increase the Reiki power in your hands and provide more Reiki in a short time.

How to refine your perception

Feel the power with your hands, see the needs with your 3rd eye and hear the really important messages.

How to open the energy gates

Open the three hearts and the internal energy paths to invite the light and the Reiki forces inside and outside.

How to purify the inner aura

Cleanse yourself of shadows, outside influences and blockages to get into the flow of life.

How to protect yourself energetically

Immunize your aura, detach from occupations and turn on the light to keep negativity away.

How to activate your energy bodies

Activate your power centers to feel yourself, radiate harmony and come into your power.

The Secret Reiki Techniques are divided into progressive training levels from the basics to the master class.

This way you can get the maximum of development potential for yourself, no matter if you have just started with Reiki or if you are already a master.

The course has 69 Secret Reiki Techniques. The techniques build on each other and with each technique you expand your Reiki skills in application and perception.

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Course plan

Increasing the Reiki power
Opening the energy gates
Refinement of perception
Purification of the inner aura
Energetic protection
Activation of the energy bodies